Freelance Marketing

Made Easy

What I do

Advice, or help in writing

  • Analysis of your company/brand in order to develop a strong business story
  • Determining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in answer to the question "why buy your product/service and not someone else's".
  • Target segmentation: defining your target audience and how to reach them
  • Price strategy, an important part of your marketing mix
  • Communication plan for your internal and external communication
  • Starting up and maintaining corporate pages on social network
  • writing news articles and maintaining blog
  • launching email campaigns
  • Writing marketing processes
  • Writing checklists, process handbooks,…
  • creating corporate presentations
  • organising events  (info sessions, workshops, conferences,…)
  • building press relations
  • Management training
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Customer relations
  • lead generation
  • Processing new sales leads
  • Managing the correspondence between the sales team and their clients
  • Monitoring customer accounts
  • Providing marketing data and reports to help the sales team